05 veebruar 2014


Täna ilmus kooliajaleht, kus oli minust väike lõik kirjas. Kuna paljud on sellest huvitatud, seega kirjutan teksti siia ümber. 

 Another foreign exchange student from Europe joins the student body at BHS this year. Her name is Birgitti Pilvet and she comes from the country of Estonia. Tallinn has a population of around 430,00 people, witch is much larger than Brighton’s 4,500. Tallinn is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea and is almost directly across the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki, Finland. 
"My favorite thing about America is the people, they are nice," Pilvet said. 
Pilvet is one of this year’s ten foreign exchange students who joined the 2014 senior class. Pilvet was a member of this year’s Girls Cross Country team, and is also going to be a member of Girls track and field team. 
In her free time Pilvet enjoys hanging out with friends, baking, and eating. 
Coming to America, Pilvet leaves behind her 18 years old brother Magnar and her parents Einar and Marika. Pilvet also leaves her friends and many of favorite Estonian foods behind. 
"I miss Estonian food and my friends, but it’s only one year so it’s woth it," Pilvet said. 
Although America is a fresh new place to visit for Pilvet, there are some things she dislike about the country. 
"There is no public transport anywhere and I don’t like the sales tax either," Pilvet said. 
Unlike Brighton, Tallinn has a very well organized public transportation system that allows people to move about the city without using a car. There is also no sales tax due to the tax system set in place in Estonia. 
Pilvet joined the foreign exchange program as a way for her to improve her English speaking ability because speaking english is a requirement to get a good paying job in Estonia. The experience of being able to spend a year in foreign country was also a reason that Pilvet joined the foreign exchange program. 
"She helps us get through the struggle of missing home," exchange student Miyu Tran said. 
Pilvet positive attitude has helped her to make many friends over the course of the year. She seems to always be able to brighten up people’s days. Pilvet’s trip to Brighton is sure to be remembered not only by her, but ny all the people she has met during her stay. 

By: Matt Klueger

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